Clarion University Relay for Life

Relay for Life

Last weekend, Friday and Saturday April 16 and 17th Relay for Life was held at the Clarion University Rec center. This event started at 8 a.m. on Friday and went through 8 a.m. on Saturday. This event was to benefit and raise awareness of cancer. There were multiple groups and organizations involved with helping at this event, I had the opportunity to speak with Professor Staub and teammate, student senate member, and frat member of Sigma Fi Espilon Jimmy Miller about Relay for Life. If interested in learning more about the Relay for life itself you can find more at:

Clarion University’s ‘Colleges Against Cancer’ is partnering with the American Cancer Society to host this year’s Relay for Life event beginning at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 15 and running through 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 16 in the Student Rec Center.



Relay for Life was full of entertainment, Ken Staub mentioned, “there was pizza through the night and donuts were brought in the mornings. They also had a DJ playing music through the event. “ This is a heart felt event, “many people attending and helping out have been impacted by cancer one way or another”

This is a picture of the Relay for Life Community, they helped organize and set everything up so that it was possible for Clarion University to make this event successful.


Impact on People


Staub, a two time cancer survivor stated how touching it was to be a part of it. “Having everyone unite as one to raise over 35,000$ was touching to see. It showed how such a great diverse group of people can come together to accomplished something more special.” They had had multiple themes while walking around the track. They had the soccer team who helped out a great deal and while they were walking they dressed up as different movie characters.

Jimmy Miller who was also involved with Relay for Life was apart of the Sigma Fi Espilon frat and student senate. Jimmy was explaining some things that he did with the two groups he is apart of, although Sigma Fi Espilon was not as involved as the student senate they contributed a lot.

“Each of us who were apart of the student senate had a required attendance, every who was apart of the student senate filled up water bottles with change and turned them in for donations towards Relay for Life.” this video link is showing some events taking place during the event. They are having an extreme musical chairs contest in which one participant from each organization there had to run from one end of the gym floor to the other while gathering materials from their friends of what they needed.


Outside looking In

Having conquered cancer twice is something much tougher than anyone could imagine, Ken Staub is a professor at Clarion University and a Community member. Clarion County had 16 teams and 109 participants in this years Relay for Life raising about 17,000$. Staub had given the “Fight Back” speech this year during Relay for Life.

“I wanted it to be uplifting, I wanted to let everyone know to wake up everyday and be the best that they can be” Staub said. If Mr. Staub can wake up everyday with such a positive outlook on everything when he was fighting such a demoralizing fight as cancer than we can wake up and conquer everyday struggles.

“This years Relay for Life was the most attended and we have had the most fundraising this year than we have had in years” Staub continued to talk about the event and how much money was raised. Everyone stepped up to help with this event.

Fun Fact:

Something I had found interesting when talking to Ken Staub was that the amount of money Clarion University raised was more than the University of Georgia per student.

University of Georgia attendance is 35,000 students and raised 115,000$.

Clarion University attendance is about 6,000 students and we raised over 35,000$. If we were to break this down by the numbers Clarion University had raised about 2 more dollars per student then University of Georgia.

“If you break down the numbers Clarion University raised as much, if not more money per student at our Relay for Life than the University of Georgia did.” Staub continued to speak about the money raised, he stressed how amazing it was to raise that much. Although 35,000$ doesn’t seem like much compared to 115,000$ but we had an amazing event and raised more than we had before this year.


This picture is everyone involved with the event, they lit candles to honor family members and other loved ones who had passed away from cancer.

If you are interested in reading up on more about Clarion University’s Relay for Life you can go to the Clarion University website where they have multiple stories and information on Relay for Life.

They have a benefit run as well for Relay for Life. It is called the 5k for 5 caused Run-Walk. This had taken place just last Saturday, April 23. The community comes together and all the money raised for this 5k goes towards the Relay for Life foundation and towards cancer research to help find a cure.

If you are interested in seeing more Clarion University has a CU weekly and week 12 was covering Relay for Life. If you watch the episode of CU weekly it explains what Relay for Life is and what their purpose is This video is 8 minutes long but I had taken a lot away from it.

I thought that it would be interesting to have a clip of someone from Clarion University who has been impact by cancer one way or another. This is Tifffany Yeggs of Clarion University who talks about Relay for life and how her mom is so strong and some reasons why she looks up to her.


Other than raising awareness for cancer this event had helped a lot of people come together who might not have previously to Relay for Life. Multiple people who were in attendance to this event have dealt with similar things in wise of losing someone they love, whether it is a parent, family member, or friend. Talking with Ken Staub I have learned a lot about the process of cancer, even once you have beaten it. And all of the love behind such an event as Relay for Life.


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