Midnight Breakfast New Article 4


Midnight Breakfast

Last evening the University provided the students a midnight breakfast for finals week. It seems to be well planned better each year they provide this breakfast. It is a great way for students and facility members to relieve stress and take our minds off finals. They have students entertaining people, music playing, and everyone coming together to have a fun event. I decide to attend this breakfast also to ease my mind and take a relaxing study break.


Start of Breakfast:

The breakfast is called “midnight breakfast” yet it starts at 10 p.m. and goes onto 12 p.m. you walk in and instantly have a chance to win a television. They were giving away a Sony 32” inch television and a Samsung 40” flat screen television as well. They always had a trivia question game at the breakfast, which you would reach into an envelop and grab a letter. Whichever letter you had picked out you had to answer that trivia question, if you got the question right you would get a piece of candy.

I had gotten to the cafeteria right about 10:30 and I had to sit at the fairest table at the back against the wall. Someone would leave and another group of people would sit at your table.


Food Provided:

They had about 6 or so lines with food, it was all the same but it really helped speed the process up. They served French toast, sausage patties, tater tots, and scrambled eggs. I had gotten all of everything, I enjoyed the fact that the professors and facility members were working and serving students. It gave us students the opportunity to speak with our professors and facility members would have helped us out during the semester.

They had entertainment through out the night, Ernie the eagle was there for the breakfast walking around taking pictures with multiple people and having fun giving everyone high fives.

As you can see there are a lot of people, most I have seen in the café at once in all my years here. I liked that so many different groups and organizations through out the University attended the event. At the right of this photo is a group of students standing up, that is where all the students would dance at together to the truffle shuffle and multiple other dance songs. It was fun to see kids around campus who maybe you would not see or picture dancing.


I had a chance to talk to an old professor of mine, Dr. Dipp. He had said, “Well I’ll tell you what this is the best turn out in recent years for the midnight breakfast, must be because I am helping out.” I had got a chuckle out of his humor. I believe that this event will only get bigger and have more students attending it as the years go on. It is a great opportunity to relieve some stress and not think about finals week.

I had the chance to go to the dinner with my friends on my wrestling team, as I said before you had a chance to win two televisions. But you had to be wearing a piece of clothing with Clarion on it to enter to win. It was nice having the staff interact with us once we walked it, it made it entertaining and then the students dancing caught my eye.



These two files are videos captured from the midnight breakfast. You are able to see the students dancing and enjoying their food with their friends. I have always enjoyed attending this breakfast, ever since my freshman year of 2012 until this years, I could say they have only gotten better and better.


Of you are ever curious about the midnight breakfast you can find more information about it on the Clarion University website. By doing that you can search www.clarion.edu and from there you can search anything you want throughout the university. From there you are able to use the search bar and pretty much narrow down whatever you want to search about or involved with the campus and University.

Between the games, chances to win prizes, food, and great dancing this year’s midnight breakfast was a success. I was happy to have the opportunity to attend it for a fourth straight year. It is always heartwarming to be a part of something when the University is giving back for the students.


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